One of the most imperial cities of morocco , located in the northern central morocco near Fes , it has an impressive style with old walls and great gates , it does have a lot of historical monuments such as :

Volubilis: it is a roman construction consisted of old walls where your eyes can see all of the country side .

Bab El Mansour: the famous gate named after the architect el Mansour, the design of this gate is magnificent  decorated with a traditional artisanal Moroccan mosaic , it is definitely a symbol of art and craft.

Bab El khemiss: it is designed as good as Bab el Mansour, with the excellent quality of zelijj mosaic

Dar El mekhzen: it was moulay’s Ismail royal palace, the previous sultan of morocco from  1672 to 1727,

You can also visit bab berdain and the royal palace dar beida a 19th century palace built by sultan moulay ben abdallah , which is now a place for the military academy .

After discovering all this beautiful palaces  , it is time to visit one of the most beautiful mosques :

The grand mosque : it is located in front of madrasa bou inania (which you can also visit )  , it has a surface area of 2.700 square meters with 11 gates and 143 arcades , you will truly be impressed by its beautiful design.

Lahdim Square : the famous square in Meknes , situated near the Bab Mansour , was built between the years 1672 – 1674 , it provides entertainment like monkey trainers , story tellers … , you can also buy and get traditional arts and crafts ( Pottery , metal art , mosaic .. )

You can also visit on your way the old medina and the minaret of nejjarine mosque , the tower Borj belkari which is holds the museum of pottery since 2003 .

Nejjarine Mosque , Meknes


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