One of the country imperial cities ,it is the fourth largest city in morocco after Casablanca , Fes and tangier  ;  why red city ? Because of its sandstone buildings and walls with a traditional craft , Marrakesh always kept that hippie and Moroccan vibe which makes it the most favorite city in morocco for celebrities and visitors . Marrakesh is surrounded by mountains and date palm trees that give her a special and unique view.

Jemaa Lefna : the busiest and the most famous square in Africa , which provides entertainment  like watching snakes wild and dark frenzied men , monkey trainers , magicians , dancing boys and girls of the Chleuh atlas tribe  , musician playing traditional hippie music as Gnawa , Marrakesh music .. , stand-up comedy and story tellers

In addition to that , there is the incredible souk where you can take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the Moroccan artisanal stores of leather ( shoes , slippers , bags , jackets ), carpets (traditional Berber carpets ) , metal work and pottery  ( candle cage holder ) . you will definitely get the best Moroccan craft souvenirs .


Marrakesh is known for its several magnificent gardens, the most popular one is the Majorelle gardens , it took the French painter Jacque Majorelle forty  years of work and passion to create this magnificent site, he surely  put a lot of effort into this place because the moment you enter the garden , you find yourself surrounded with magnificent craft and colorful walls , and a large collection trees and plants including cacti , palm and bamboo , pools filled with water lilies and flowers like a rainbow jungle . In the middle of the garden, you find the popular Museum of Islamic Art , a crafty house with a beautiful blue color .

The second famous garden in Marrakesh is :

 Menara gardens, situated at the gates of the atlas mountains where you find a sandstone pavilion with an artisanal green pyramid roof, it is built during the 16th century Saadi dynasty . In front of the pavilion, you see an artificial lake which gives a magnificent view surrounded by orchards and olive groves.

The Agdal gardens gives you a castle vibe with their royal orchards surrounded by rammed earth walls  , the gardens feature all kind of fruits like citrus , apricot, pomegranate including olives and cypress trees .

The koutoubia gardens : situated behind the koutoubia mosque , filled with orange and palm trees

Crafty palaces

Marrakesh is very known for its traditional crafty design , and the best places that provide such work and beauty are the palaces and riads , all the historical wealth is manifested there .

The most popular palace is:

 EL Badi Palace , was built by saadian sultan Ahmed al Mansur after his success against the Portuguese army  in the battle of the three kings in 1578 . it has an architectural design , its construction was influenced by the Alhambra of Granada (spain) . However, it remains today only a huge esplanade carved gardens with outer walls .

Bahia Palace : built in the late 19th century by Si Ahmed Ben Moussa , the grand vizier of Marrakesh . Bahia is designed to present the Islamic and Moroccan architectural style , it took seven years of work with hundreds of craftsmen from Fes to give us this masterpiece .


Visiting morocco which is an Islamic country gives you the opportunity to discover more the religion and mostly to be impressed byt the crafty mosques , a,d Marrakesh is very known its amazing designed mosques .

The very popular mosque is:

 Koutoubia mosque :  is the biggest mosque in the city , situated in the southwest medina quarter of Marrakesh alongside the square. The mosque measures 80 metres long and 60 meteres wide , made of red sandstone and brick and the top of the minaret , you see a crafty design with mosaic which gives a unique style of morocco .

Ben Youssef mosque : the oldest mosque in Marrakesh , was built in the 12th century by the Almoravid Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf in honor of Yusuf ibn Ali al-Sanhaji . the Moroccan architecture style is very shown specially in the madrasa (school) which was built beside the mosque , it has a large library , contains old and new books about the history of morocco and its religion .

Kasbah mosque : near the Badi palace , built by the Almohad caliph Yaqub al-Mansour in the late 12th century. It features a beautiful and unique flour.

Mouassine mosque : was built in the 14th century by the marinids , contains a libray , hamam , madrasa , it is designed with a geometric patters and calligraphy.


Visiting the tombs in Marrakesh is very important, you will get more information about the history of the city and the most popular one is:

 saadian tombs : where you find the tombs of the saadian sultans .  it is situated in the south wall of the Almohad mosque of the Kasba . the building is composed of 3 rooms, decorated with the traditional Moroccan architecture .

Tombs of the seven saints : the seven saints referred to seven men , they were believed to have been blessed by god with their incredible wisdom and intelligence and religious strength . it is believed that these men are only sleeping and will awaken one day to resume their good deeds.

Mellah : a old Jewish quarter , situated in the kasbah area of the city’s medina . in the history of Marrakesh , many Jewish people were bankers , jewelers , metal workers , tailors ,however , they couldn’t own property outside of mellah si it became their city with its own souk ,fountains and gardens   . Mellah today renamed hay Essalam and has entirely a Muslim population.


To complete you visit to Marrakesh , you must visit this 2 museums to discover more historical events .

Marrakesh museum : situated in the Dar Menebhi palace in the old city center , holds exhibits of the Moroccan art with examples of historical books . in addition to that you re going to be thrilled with the classical Andalusian architecture and design,  fountains in the central courtyard , traditional seating areas, a hammam and intricate tilework and carvings.

Dar si Said Museum : called also the museum of Moroccan art , situated near bahia palace , gathers all the artisanal art of morocco , contains the finest jewerlly from the high atlas , carpets from Haouz , oil lamp from Taroudant , blue pottery from Safi and leather work from Marrakesh .


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