The city of culture and history, it is very known for its higher educational schools and leather tanning, you will definitely get a lot of information while enjoying the authenticity and the beauty of this magnificent city . one of the most important places in Fes is :

Qarawyiyin university : it provides higher educational institution in the world according to UNESCO and it is referred as the oldest university by scholars , visiting this school will give you information about the Islamic religion and legal sciences with a heavy emphasis on , addition to that  the classical Arabic grammar and linguistics .

Tanneries : it’s a famous place in Fes where people make leathers for traders for many generation , a place where you can discover the world of tanning and have a closer look to how leathers is made and how is it colored and being used as a decoration for years .

Getting to the old medina, You get to visit Tombs and mausoleums which is a religious complex called zaouia of moulay idriss 2 dedicated to and contains the bomb of idriss 2 , you find also several mosques as Andalusian mosque / bou jeloud mosque / al hamra mosque / bab guissa mosque / abu Hassan mosque .

To end you visit in Fes perfectly , you shouldn’t forget to get to the panoramic view of the old medina just some steps away , a magnificent view that will take your breath away .


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