• Abuse :

 When there’s abuse in a relationship, you quit . You owe no loyalty to abusive people, that’s the time you got to get out. There’s a lot of domestic violence in the world, a lot of women who are treated very poorly and often physically beaten up by their husbands,  by their partners or spouses,  their lovers and it’s a bad deal and often these women are being abused . If you’re being abused physically, quit, leave that person , get out of that relationship , get somewhere safe sooner than later .

  • Failed Discussions :

You’ve had the discussion with your partner, you’ve told them what you think , what you feel , what you desire  , what you want in life and you’ve done it more than once( because a lot of people they never share with someone until they built up so much hate and anger and at the end , they explode on the person and then they walk out and the other person never even knew what was going on )

if you’ve made all those multiple real discussions , made multiple real requests and the person is just not engaging the conversation , you’re in a difficult place that might be the time to consider either getting support like seeing a therapist together or it’s done .

  • Repeated Neglect :

If you’re in a relationship and someone just never takes care of you , they neglect your requests , your feelings and your reality , they never take care of you . That’s not a relationship , that’s not a friendship . You made the request , you tried the course-correct,  you’ve given the feedback and still being neglected , you’re out of that relationship .

  • Repeated Lies :

Bold lying where people just keep lying over and over , you give feedback , you catch them , you ask for the change , they say we will change , they don’t  ! they promise they’ll not do this but they do and soon as this happens over and over , you get the hint that you’re dealing with a liar and it’s time to protect yourself . You don’t need to be around liars and there’s lots of other people who are supportive out in the world , that will surprise you with their honesty and their vulnerability .

  • No Appreciation :

If you’ve been in a relationship long enough and you start feeling you aren’t appreciated , they don’t respect you,  they don’t appreciate what you do , they don’t appreciate who you are*  the love and the heart and the hard work* .  It’s time to love on and let them go , find a new environment , positive environment and start letting go of those who just will never come around or who are in a bad season in a life , because you don’t have to be there for everybody , what you have to be there for , ultimately is your life. The world’s full of great people , create that white space of freedom so good people can come back into your life again and you experience what we call the charged life .


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